The icing on the cake!

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A magical Friday evening, a celebrity chef, a local winery, and a great group of people. The occasion – the annual fundraising dinner for the YWCA. The event was held at our home, and we faced a number of choices and challenges. One of them was finding a band.

We’d been searching for over a month without success when we heard The Purple Herons at the Vancouver Farmers Market, and were delighted when they told us they were available.  At the event, they showed up and went straight to work setting up, and before we knew it, guests were arriving and the music was playing.

Really good music, too! Mellow enough for the guests to visit freely, but I found myself at one point sitting nearby to listen to the band, and realized they could easily hold an audience’s attention if they needed to. They certainly held mine until I pulled myself away for more host duties.

My wife and I are looking forward to enjoying their artistry again soon, and thankful that such talented musicians call our area their home.