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Photographing the Herons

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After considering and then un-considering the portraiture options from the malls of our youth (here’s looking at you, Glamour Shots and Olan Mills) we decided to do like the other birds do and hire a photographer to capture us on film.

It’s official; we now have family photos – take a gander!

We spent an evening striking poses and goofing around with Miri from Mirifoto. Jim had worked with Miri before and the rest of the band was excited to work with him, too. With his expertise in dramatic lighting and showing musicians’ personalities in his photography, Miri’s photos did not disappoint.

Ode to Bohemian Rhapsody

We are all very pleased with the results, including some quirky shots that we feel suit our style perfectly!

We’ll share more photos soon! In the meantime, which Heron do you most resemble when you get your photo taken?

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  1. Good question ?!? Probably that very pretty red headed lady with the tambourine in one photo, and accordion in another 🙂 Also, my husband and I REALLY enjoyed listening to your recent demo …. loving the jazz of the “Purple Herons” !!

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