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Metamorphosis: Growing Better and Better!

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Suddenly, we’re huge.

Hey campers, remember that 5-piece jazz band called The Purple Herons? Well, now they’re a 7-piece R&B powerhouse!  Or at least, one in the making. Please welcome Andrew (horns, vocals) and Keith (guitar, vocals) to our lineup.

How did that happen? Well…we could say it was divine inspiration, but it wasn’t. We could say it sounded like more fun–which it is, but that’s not it, either. The real reason? Entertainment.

We believe that as people have more immediate and convenient access to music, live performance will take on a different kind of importance. Not so long ago, if you wanted to hear really clear, reasonably loud music, you had to go somewhere and listen to a live band. Technology has changed that landscape, and that led us to ask the question: what is the true value of live performance? Why would people invest their time and money to hear a live band? We believe it’s about the show, and that bringing a festive, shared experience to a group of people who are all in the same place is something about live performance that you simply can’t replace.

Can you do that as a jazz band? Sure, but the energy will be different and while we all love jazz, we know that the market for it can be more specialized. We think that by appealing to a broader market, we stand the best chance of achieving significant success as entertainers.

We’re not abandoning jazz, far from it! We have met with success in our jazz gigs and we enjoy them very much. With more members in the band, we are able to book more gigs as there are more options to ensure we have the people we need whenever a client wants to book us. We can even book two small gigs at the same time! It’s also our plan to bring that free and thoughtful jazz feel into what we play, so that we’re not just the same as everyone else.

Just like Jeff’s purple horns, we feel that there’s an element of destiny in this decision. Within a week of deciding to expand, we found two new musicians and the chemistry is turning out to be fantastic. Have a listen to the track below. This is the first time the 7 of us have ever played together, without any control room wizardry.

At the end of our first rehearsal, we all just stood around looking at each other and saying, “Holy cow! Who is this band?” Keep an eye out for more music, videos, and everything else from the new & improved Purple Herons. Something to squawk about!


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