About the Band - The Purple Herons


About the Band

Greta Arell
Keyboard, vocals

Greta plays keyboard and sings.  She’s the closest thing to a music director we have.  Her diligence and passion for music is what led her to ask Jim about teaming up, which is where the band got its start.

When she’s not playing with the band, Greta teaches music and serves clients as a muic therapist.  Her other interests include hunting for mushrooms, hiking, and seeing how much band gear she can pack into the back of her Prius.

Jim with his harp guitar

Jim Dorman

Jim is a musician, teacher, and podcaster who used to be a juggler. But instead of juggling balls or clubs, now he juggles notes. In addition to bass, he also plays a variety of guitars, the Japanese koto, and harp guitar.

When he’s not playing music, Jim works underwater as a tour guide aboard the USS Blueback. He also serves as a mentor to other musicians in the Bandmakers program and is the creator of The Acoustic Pedestrian, a podcast that focuses on bringing people together through art & other creative pursuits.

Jackson Smood II
Guitar, vocals

Jackson’s commitment to guitar began at age 10 after seeing a live acoustic version of “Hotel California” and thinking, “I have to be able to do that.” His formal jazz training came by way of independent study with former Berklee and Musicians Institute faculty for over a decade. He keeps busy teaching guitar privately, doing session and “side-man” work, and playing in several groups throughout the Portland area. Jackson is also a songwriter and amateur keyboard player.

When not practicing, he enjoys going to the dog park with his English Bulldog, Lucy and reading science-fiction.